I have seen people posting meaningless content on their website and wonder why they are not generating enough sales. Seems like they have no idea about using some important key factors in the content. 

Good content takes an investment of time, energy, and ideas. When content is ineffective, your ROI suffers. Getting potential customers to buy your brand is about creating perceived value for your products and services. 

People don’t get strong sales messages right away, so you need to address them in a way that makes them feel engaged and helps them solve a major problem or meet an unmet need. To guide them down this path, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of engaging and relevant content.

Here are the five key factors that must be lacking in your content. Read and analyze which of the key factors you are missing out on:-

1. Lack of strategy

The first and foremost factor for any blog post to be successful is the ‘content strategy’. Content strategy improves results and, as an added benefit, helps to allocate resources more efficiently.

If you want your content to deliver real results for your business, you need to be strategic and make sure whatever you write is relevant to your target audience. A good content strategy outlines the time frames for achieving specific objectives and the steps a marketer must take to achieve those goals. 

The team of writers in Maxzob sets a well-defined content marketing strategy that includes market research, analysis of the type of content consumed by your target audience, the type of content you can compile or create for them, the sources of information and distribution, the time and days of content to publish and to ensure that each element adds value to the company’s ultimate goal.

2. Lack of audience engagement

If you start building your brand before you meet your customers, you probably have to go back and make some tedious changes that could have been avoided if you had created and referred to your buyers.

The strategy of any content must start with the potential audience. All content created as part of this strategy is targeted at a specific audience. If you do not know who they are, your efforts will be in vain because they are not direct.

Both businesses and marketers need to understand that content strategy is likely to change more frequently to meet the interests of the target audience.

3. Lack of readability

If you lack the readability factor in your content, your readers will find it complicated to read it and become uninterested in your page. It is always recommended to avoid jargon and sophisticated writing whenever possible. If you need technical language, please explain it in plain English or add a glossary if you can. 

When choosing words to express your thoughts in your content, you need to think not only about what makes sense and sounds good to you, but also what sounds best to the readers. When you think about your audience and their expectations, you can create the most salutary content.

Correctly formatted content will better reflect your online product or service. When readers find your words easy and understandable, they are easily passed on to customers.

4. Lack of keywords

When you create content that targets keywords related to your business, you have the opportunity to rank higher in search results for industry terms and phrases. And the higher your rank in search results, the more people can reach out to you and connect to your business.

You can also use content to link to other pages on your website. You can direct your traffic to key pages on your website for more information about your offers and to encourage them to buy. 

While researching for your keyword, focus on terms that have low competition to give your blog post a better chance of ranking high on Google.

Your goal and the topic of each page will tell you the main keywords you are using on that blog. It is also important to know the keywords and practice assigning keywords to each blog post so that you can organically rank and reach out to your targeted audience.

To assign keywords, choose the main keyword that describes the page and a few related keywords that support the main keyword. 

5. Lack of SEO

You must have heard of SEO in content writing (which 60% of websites lack). It is the most organic way to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. Although it takes a lot of strategies as Google’s algorithms are invariably changing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to increase the volume or rather the intensity of traffic on your website. More traffic to your website simply means more conversion opportunities and conversion profits.

Does your business want to create search engine optimized content, connect landing pages, and engaging blog posts? Maxzob’s team of experienced and highly analytical digital marketers awaits the start of your next content marketing campaign.

Wrap Up

Whatever content you create must have a purpose behind it. We get clients who usually ask us to create content that can rank their websites based on their company’s targeted keywords. 

Once we get a clear idea about your ideal audience, consider their needs and demands. We create content based on this as it is the most reliable way to establish your blog, engage, and trust them in your audience.

Writing valuable content starts with knowing your audience and then overcoming the lack of key factors. 

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