1. For the last two days, I am facing a problem with my PayPal, when I am going to add my Payoneer USA global payment account with my PayPal, PayPal Required IBAN Number but, Payoneer doesn’t show any IBAN number, last i have found a solution from you Thank you so much,

    1. Dean Fernandez says:

      Hello i didn’t get it. It shows enter IBAN number but payoneer doesn’t give IBAN number. So please tell me how I can link a US bank?

  2. Hello Pragya
    Thank you it helped.

  3. How much does it cost to transfer funds from a PayPal account to Payoneer? I want to use the money that I receive from PayPal with my Payoneer Mastercard. I can’t find on the Payoneer website anything specific about this type of transferring fees.

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